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I’m Meredith, Owner | Photographer | wishful green thumb

based in Ann Arbor, Michigan

ann arbor newborn photographer

If I start laughing, I usually can’t stop. Hide and seek is a game I play daily, and although I once fought it, I now proudly wear workout clothes in public. You may question why I play hide and seek and can be found carrying around my 3rd cup of (cold) coffee. That’s because of our greatest blessings, our son, Samuel and our daughter, Madeline. I met my husband when were both undergrads at U of M, so those sweet babes are also brainwashed into loving Michigan. While not running a business, taking care of the littles, booking our next travel adventure or doing a home project, you can also find me pounding the pavement around Ann Arbor.

My career came pretty naturally because the things I treasure most are things I can capture in an image - relationships, love, time, the smallest moments that we want embedded in our memory forever. In 8 years, I have found one thing for certain: I don’t think it’s enough to know how to work a camera, photography is just as much about connecting with the client as it is about finding the light. I believe in the power of a photograph, in the power of a story and it’s my goal to weave those together to create something remarkable.

Can you relate? Great! Let’s have some fun!

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From first email to prints framed on your wall, experience the difference in service and product.

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Prints. I'm a big fan!

Images are meant to be printed. They hold stories, history, memories. Display them, relive them, gift them. Don't allow them to sit on your computer, ENJOY them. 

That's the heart behind why I continue to pick up a camera each day and photograph life. 

I've scoured the country looking for the perfect products that combine timeless appeal, usefulness and beautiful craftsmanship. The limited selection I offer does just that, without leaving you feeling overwhelmed in your selection process. Created at the best professional labs throughout the United States, these are superior options that your family will enjoy for (literally!) generations to come. 

ann arbor family photographer

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