Monday, March 5, 2012

Fly Fishing the Moorman + Dad's Visit

Right about now, you may be thinking...has this become some hiking adventurers blog?! How cool! or ah, how boring!
It just so happens that in between scrubbing our base boards, organizing our closets and removing all of our pictures from our walls, we've needed a break. To smell the clean air rather than the cleaning supplies! Our house officially went on the market last week (more on that later), and that process can take over your life pretty quickly.

Dad to the rescue! My dad (aka, "Papa Mike"), flew down to spend a few days with us in C'ville. Kyle had been looking forward to this for quite some time, due to the fact that the majority of it was going to be spent fly fishing throughout central VA. The boys spent Friday down by Mosey Creek, and Saturday proved to be too nice of weather to do anything else. So, I made a compromise...if we could find a hike that they could fly fish on, then we'd all be happy! And that we did :)

I think one of the best parts about Moorman River is the drive there. For anyone in the C'ville area, you  take Garth Road (CO614) west, past Foxfields, through Whitehall, past Sugar Hollow Water Reservoir and you can park where it dead ends. It's a good half hour of looking at beautiful horse farms, mansions, endless fences and rolling hills => everything glorious about Virginia!

Maizy even enjoyed it:

Dad caught his first Brookie (Brook Trout) with a fly rod. Kyle was SO excited, he couldn't handle it!!
It was also far enough down the river that is was a native Brookie.

Over the past few years I've learned that there is a specific art to fly fishing. From tying your own flies, using your wrist, the speed and length of the drag and how to catch the fish is all very exact. (Kyle and his fishing buds would be so proud right now :)

I'd suggest this hike to anyone (but remember the rule: as long as it's nice outside:)
There are perfect places to sit and have a picnic by the river, climb rock faces and experience a lot of different terrain. It'd be a blast to spend a day here in the summer and take advantage of the swimming holes!

To take every precaution necessary to avoid freezing again, I brought a coffee.

I think the best part of fishing is the inside pact fishermen have. You're immediately friends! Steve and his son were also fishing, so we chatted it up for a good half hour.

We also ventured to another reservoir earlier in the day, but didn't have any luck with the fish.
I did, however, thoroughly enjoy how gorgeous the water was!

My dad is here until tomorrow, so guess what the boys are doing? I'll give you three guesses.

Expect today looks more like this:

Should make for some fun stories around the dinner table tonight.

Side note:
For any of you camera geeks or curious minds: I only brought my point & shoot on this hike. After last week, I thought it was best to concentrate on saving my life rather than the camera. 
For my point & shoot, I use the Canon PowerShot XS230HS. Overall, it is a great camera: compact, great zoom, blown up pictures still look excellent, lots of features like continuous shooting and low lighting options, HD video and option to shoot 100% manual (!!). It also has a GPS option, which is pretty sweet.  My only tiff with it is the white balance. I think it leans a bit orange. There's my 2 second review.

Another Side Note:
If anyone loves Fly Fishing, Kyle's best fishing buds have a blog all about fly fishing in VA with much more information that I could ever give.
Virginia Medical Fly Fishing.


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