World travels, living in various cities, marrying the best man I know, changing careers, welcoming a son into the world; the moments and memories of life that keep my heart churning and passion alive. Through each transition, a few things have remained constant. 1) a camera in my hand (even if it was a cheap Polaroid!) 2) my faith 3) my laugh that is identical to my mothers, 4) my unhealthy obsession with watermelon 5) my love of exercise 6) my constant desire to discover the world 7) my lack of cooking skills and 8) my desire to document it all...even burnt meals and tears at the finish line. 

So here I am, still with a camera in hand, getting to do the same for my clients.

I strive to make stories come to life. I'm documenting a part of your legacy, images that will be passed down for countless years to come. We have frames throughout our home that contain pictures of generations that came before us, and I hope to give the generations that succeed us that same gift.



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