Michigan Wedding Photographer: 2015 Wedding Season!

Last year, I took a big step in stepping back. I made the decision, for both personal and professional reasons, that I was going to take 12 months off from photographing weddings. I wanted to find my voice, if you will, in the this big bad world of photography. I wanted to take the time to focus on lifestyle shoots, and regain my passion for what propelled me into this business years ago. I wanted time to reevaluate how I serve my clients and how to improve. How I could not just provide beautiful images, but an entire package that swept people off of their feet, made them feel special and cared for. Sometimes, running a business takes so much time that it's difficult to concentrate on the things that you want to do, and instead your stuck doing things the things that you have to do. So, I used the past 12 months to analyze how to run a business with my passion and my priorities propelling it. 

Michigan Wedding Photographer

I'll be honest, at times, I really missed it. Every inquire resulted me sending a list of amazing photographers who the clients would surely love, and left me a bit heartbroken. I'd think, "wait, I really like these people, I want to shoot their wedding!" BUT, I promised myself the time so I stuck to my guns. 

Now, it's been one year and I discovered that I really do miss photographing weddings. BOY, do I love lifestyle sessions...is there anything more adorable than a itsy bitsy baby curled up in a new mommas arms?! (can you tell I'm a new mom;) 

BUT, I really love my couples too. There is something magical in every stage of life, and I missed capturing that for brides and grooms, when they begin a new life. Together.

The reason I began photographing weddings in the first place is because of the people. I loved connecting with people at such a precious time in their lives, and to get to do that with a camera- well, come on, it's pretty awesome! This is where two of my passions collided- photography and relationships. Giving them stress relief, reassurance, making them laugh and helping them to ENJOY one of the biggest days of their life - pretty great, eh?! You see, many people can take great photographs, but not everyone can connect with clients on a personal level. That's what I missed so much- an emailed, turned to many meetings about the big day, turned to a trusting relationship to capture that big day, turned to celebrating and delivering images that bring tears of joy to their eyes, and years later photographing their first child. 

Photography is a way to give people a timeless gift. It's a HUGE responsibility and an even bigger HONOR. All of this small babble is simply to say that I'm stoked to return photographing weddings- feeling refreshed, passionate and oh-so-excited to spoil my couples.

Michigan wedding photographer

At this time, I am only accepting 10 weddings per year.  This boutique offering style provides me the time to give each bride and groom the time and attention they deserve. If you'd like to chat about your wedding, I'd love to hear from you. Contact me here and I'll get back to you soon. Can't wait!