Big Announcement(s)!

Our family is in the middle of some major changes, and I'd love to fill ya'll in!!

columbus family photographer

This past week, our family made the move to Columbus, Ohio! For one year, we will be living the city life in buckeye country.

Yes, these Michigan alum who bleed blue moved to buckeye country. Yes, it's a bit painful to think about it that way ;) 

My husband's career took our family to "that town in the south" for one year, as he completes his dream fellowship and finishes his medical training (4 years med school, 5 years of residency, 1 year to go!). We've rented an adorable home, found a great preschool for our son, connected with other medical families in the area and have felt the Lord's hand over every.single.detail of this move. It's humbling, to say the least. We have been well cared for by the one who has ordained this new adventure for our family. 

I must say that, because in all honesty, it's not the easiest thing to pick up our lives and career and move (whew, it's actually really hard!!). However, there are a few specifics that are for sure: I'll still be doing photography in Columbus, just at a different pace. I'll be using a lot of time this year to evaluate business practices to better serve clients, and implement some ideas that I've only had time to dream about, ones that have been in my back pocket for months or years, always attached to the "when I have time," excuse. Well, now, I've been given that time. It's a huge blessing and I plan to take full advantage of it! 

As a large percentage of my client base is in Ann Arbor, I'll be posting dates for when I plan to return this summer and in the Fall to serve you. I built this business on service & relationships and my deepest intent is to keep it that way. I simply wouldn't be here without the clients who trust me, so it's worth the world to continue to serve you. 

But, there is ONE more catch that is even more exciting:

We are expecting our second child!

Cue the happy tears. We are overjoyed and feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to bring another miracle into the world. Samuel is going to be a great big brother! 

We are due in early December! (Talk about a lot of change for our little family in a year, hey?!)

Of course, I'll be taking a leave while we adjust to being a family of four, and it couldn't have fallen at a better time. Again, we are overwhelming grateful. All of this is a unique situation for us and a lot of changes at once, but I'm learning more and more that life just isn't cut and dry, and that's okay. This type-A girl can learn a lesson or two of going with the flow anyway ;)

columbus family photographer

(And, If anyone knows anyone or has ideas of things to do in Columbus, we are all ears!)