....and, back at it!

Our family rounded out my maternity leave and said goodbye to this awful winter by heading to the most beautiful ocean and soaking in some much-needed Vitamin D. Madeline had her first flight (Samuel's 30th..lucky kid, I tell yah ;) and experienced sunshine for the first time. She has never seen sun so bright, felt the heat, or the sand in between her tiny toes...life of a winter baby! (and boy, can't we all agree that this winter was a rough one!) Samuel was thrilled to return to the Bahamas, and spent the majority of his time running the beach or flying airborne into the pool. Permanent smiles all around.

This season has been a complete mix of emotions, as any newborn mother could attest to. As I enter into a new season of work, and our family settles into our permanent home in Ann Arbor, I find myself feeling fortunate and full of anticipation! 2018, you're going to be incredible. 

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